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Sustainability is a key component of our work. We endeavour to ensure all the services we provide are sustainable

Sustainability runs through all of our work, from our commitment to supporting the education and career development of local healthcare professionals, to supporting the building of accommodation quarters to help retain qualified healthcare staff at our health centre.


Financial sustainability is also of huge importance to our work, therefore we endeavour not only to act with fiscal responsibility, but also to identify income-generated projects in Kabira that can be contribute to the costs of running our health projects.


One of these projects is Eucalyptus farming. Although Eucalyptus is not indigenous to Uganda it has been grown there for over a century and is commonly planted throughout the country. Eucalyptus is a fast growing hardwood, which can be sold as timber, poles, and fuel wood. 

In 2012 Share Uganda identified a plot and sought approval from the National Forestry Association in Uganda to grow Eucalyptus on 5 acres of land. The plot will take sometime to grow but in 5-10 years all profits generated will go back into supporting our health care projects.


We are always open to further suggestions on sustainable projects and fundraising in Uganda and at home. 


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