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COVID-19 Response

For most of us living in the UK, Ireland, and the USA, we are entering a time of the pandemic when things look better. The end is, hopefully, in sight. It’s a time, finally and thankfully, of some positivity.

COVID-19 in Uganda

Unfortunately, the situation is very different in Uganda. In the past month Uganda has entered its second wave. Official case numbers, likely not representing the scale of the crisis, indicate that cases have risen from 60 infections per day in mid-May to nearly 2,000 cases per day now. Oxygen supplies have been exhausted at many medical sites, and only around 5% of the population have been able to access very limited supplies of vaccines.

Here is an update from Dr Ssebuggwawo Jonathan, a friend and supporter of Share Uganda.

The country has now entered a total lockdown. This has created huge logistical problems for our partners in Kabira. It’s very easy to feel powerless during the past 18 months of this pandemic. But this is a real moment of crisis and we need action.


We are asking for your support to help us in a joint fundraising push with other charities, organisations, and individuals supporting the Kabira community to help raise money to create a healthcare crisis fund. This fund will be used to support our response to COVID-19 in the community and ensure all healthcare providers in our clinic are equipped with necessary PPE. This is essential especially now that Shiba has reported suspected coronavirus cases that have presented at the Share Uganda Hampton Health Centre.


For further details, please listen to this urgent video message from Dominic, Shiba, Lisa, Chris, and Padraig.

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Contributions to our COVID-19 Relief Fund will be used to provide handwashing stations, like this one, in addition to PPE equipment for our healthcare providers and other essential healthcare services during this difficult time. As always, all public donations go directly toward supporting these healthcare project in Kabira.


We Need Your Support Today!

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