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Five students from Northern Ireland visited Kabira for the first time. They met Dominic Mukwaya, a local community leader, and his wife Rose, headteacher at St. Paul’s Kaaso Primary School. The group discussed possible projects, and friendships were built.


Share Uganda is registered as a charity in Northern Ireland and launched student fundraising groups at Queen’s University Belfast and Nottingham University. The organisations supports a Sick Bay at St. Paul’s Kaaso Primary School in Kabira.


Partnership established with the Harvard Humanitarian Initiative to conduct research on child-headed families in Kyotera, Kabira, and Kamuganja. Share Uganda supported the recruitment ofNurse Nashiba to staff the Sick Bay. We conducted focus groups to assess health needs in Kabira Village and planted a forest of eucalyptus trees to ensure our long-term financial sustainability.


Share Uganda initiated a Malaria Prevention Programme, which included educational workshops about malaria and the distribution of 151 nets.  Mosquito nets were installed in the dormitories of St. Paul’s Kaaso Primary School and 46 health surveys were conducted across the Rakai District. A house was constructed for a vulnerable child-headed households in Kamuganja.


We facilitated our first Medical Camp at Kaaso led by local doctors, nurses and teachers. Over 500 patients came for medical examinations and treatment in a single day. Through this camp, we developed a partnership with Dr Katwire, lead physician at Kyotera Health Clinic, and a key figure in medical service delivery in the area.


 750 mosquito nets were distributed in Kabira and surrounding areas, along with a malaria educational programme. A second Medical Camp led by local doctors, clinical officers, nurses, and local health organisations was organised. Over 400 people attended the camp in a single day. We empowered two local women to complete medial training: Jacqueline attended nursing school and Nashiba became the first woman in the village to qualify as a Clinical Officer.


Our Malaria Prevention Programme was extended to include villages Kabawanga, Bisanje, Ngonna, Mabaale, Katuntu, Bakka, Kyankera, and Kibanda. We additionally carried out de-worming of children at Sango Bay Refugee Camp as a means of improving nutritional health.


Over 60 household health evaluations were conducted across 8 different villages within the Kabira sub-county. These activites helped us to better understand health needs in the area. We trained the Malaria Prevention Team in Monitoring and Evaluation, and facilitated a third Medical Camp at Kaaso led by local doctors, nurses, and teachers. Over 500 people were seen in one day.


Muyenga Rotary Club partnered with Share Uganda to distribute hundreds of sanitary towels to local girls within the Kabira and Kyotera communities. Initial planning and securing of land for the Share Uganda Hampton Health Centre. This represented the first step to providing sustainable and permanent health services in the Kabira community. 


Construction of the Share Uganda Hampton Health Centre begins. This centre provides crucial primary healthcare services in the Kabira community, and is entirely lead by local Ugandan healthcare professionals.


The Share Uganda Hampton Health Centre opens in December 2018. Share Uganda celebrates 10 years since our creation.


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