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Health Management Committee

Our Health Management Committee was established to manage the Share Uganda Hampton Health Centre, and to provide advice and scrutiny to all our health projects. Its members are Mr. Kaddu Charles, Mrs Mukasa Nabbange, Mr Kayiira Josephat, Mr. Dominic Mukwaya, Mrs. Rose Nanyange and clincial officer Nashiba Nabungye.

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Dominic Mukwaya

Dominic Mukwaya is the principal and co-founder of the local primary school in Kabira, St. Paul’s Kaaso.  He is a leader in the community supporting not only educational and health projects but also economic initiatives. He directs Share Uganda’s work at a grassroots level and is the head of our committee in Uganda.  Dominic also sits as the Treasurer of the Kabira Medical Advisory Committee


Rose Nanyange

Rose Nanyange is the Headmistress and co-founder of St. Paul's Kaaso Primary School, and a critical person in the delivery of Share Uganda projects. Rose holds central positions in the Kabira Empowerment group, and is key in the strategic direction and expansion of all Share Uganda projects in Kabira.


Nashiba Nabungye

Nashiba Nabungye is the health manager and clinical officer at the Share Uganda Hampton Clinic.  Shiba has worked with Share Uganda for seven years, and has supported our health projects as a nurse at St. Paul's Kaaso Primary School Clinic, in directing our Malaria Prevention Programme, and supporting the organisation and delivery of health outreach camps. Shiba recently completed her studies to practice as a clinical officer.

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Enoch Walagumbe

Enoch Walagumbe is one of the long-term teachers at Kaaso school. Enoch works tirelessly on our malaria prevention programme, running educational workshops, distributing nets, and monitoring, evaluating and reviewing the progress of the programme. 

Kabira Empowerment Group

At all times the local community group remains at the heart of our work. The Kabira Empowerment Group is a forum through which health education classes are conducted and is an essential network for accountability.  The empowerment group was formed ten years ago and provides a space for the local community to engage with micro-financing projects, adult literacy classes, and health promotional activities.

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Kalema John

Kalema John is the Mobility Officer for the Kabira Empowerment group and a key part of our malaria prevention team. Kalema knows the community of Kabira extensively and is key to the distribution and evaluation of mosquito nets and their effective use.


Margaret Walagumbe

Margaret Walagumbe is central to the distribution of mosquito nets through our malaria prevention programme, and is responsible for monitoring the usage of nets in the community. She works as part of the malaria prevention team, identifying areas to expand the programme, and monitoring and evaluating the progress of the project.


Jacqueline Gimbo

Jacqueline Gimbo recently completed her nursing studies with support from Share Uganda.  She practices as a nurse in the Share Uganda Hampton clinic, ensuring the effective delivery of health care projects through the clinic.

International Volunteers and Trustees

Share Uganda is supported by international volunteers, who dedicate their time to help raise money, provide strategic advice, and empower and support our partners in Uganda. Volunteers are responsible for the administration of Share Uganda in UK.

Share Uganda Trustees are: Chris Jenkins, Lisa Collins, Edward Pritchard, Padraig McGuinness, Michelle Fallon, and Ian Hunter. Our trustees have backgrounds in medicine (including general practice, pharmacy, ophthalmology, & anesthesiology) and in global and public health.


In addition to the NHS, our trustees have worked for start-up organisations, academic institutions, and in both the public and community voluntary sectors. We have accumulated experience working in global health in Ghana, Haiti, Malawi, Thailand, Togo, Uganda, and Vietnam.


Share Uganda is additionally supported by a voluntary UK Management Committee that includes: Sarah Hunter, Savannah Dodd, and Phil Murray. Our team has experience working in communications, research, fundraising and management in both UK and international contexts.


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