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 Share Uganda 

 Hampton Health Centre 

Share Uganda supports a primary healthcare centre in Kabira Village.


The Share Uganda Hampton Health Centre offers primary care services, such as treatment for respiratory infections, malaria, and typhoid.  


It provides antenatal services, and it serves as a space for other organisations to deliver health programmes in partnership with Share Uganda.  We have links with the Ugandan government and numerous non-governmental organisations to provide immunisations, HIV and Tuberculosis treatment and care, disability support services, and palliative care services.

The centre is entirely lead by local health care professionals, and is overseen and advised by an external Medical Advisory Board.  Our clinical officer, Nashiba Nabungye manages the day to day delivery of health services from the clinic, with the support of our qualified nurse Jacqueline Gimbo.  The Share Uganda Hampton Health Centre opened in December 2018.


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