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 Health Camps 

Share Uganda started health camps in 2012 to provide important and immediate health services in Kabira village.

The aim of these camps is to provide people with a low cost way to see a doctor and receive medications for simple infections including malaria and other medical conditions.  We are planning to support the provision of more health outreach camps in the future.

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We provide rapid diagnostic and treatment for numerous simple infections and health challenges


For many people attending the camps, this will be a rare opportunity to speak to a doctor about their health


Providing health outreach camps allows us to support communities that normally are outside of our reach

The camps are directed by Ugandan medical professionals, teachers, community leaders, and local villagers.  Ugandan doctors and nurses worked tirelessly to ensure that everyone has the opportunity to consult with a medical professional.  


Health camps do not provide a long term solution to health problems, but they offer communities an important and immediate solution for many health problems. We now use the camps to reach communities that cannot otherwise access the Share Uganda Hampton Health Centre.


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