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Malaria Prevention Programme 

A major focus of our work is a holistic approach to malaria prevention. Our programme includes education in the community and schools, mosquito net provision, and providing access to malaria medication.


Our Malaria Prevention Team leads on the distribution of nets and the expansion of the program into neighbouring villages. We currently work across seven villages in Kabira sub-county.


1,600 beds covered by mosquito nets since 2011

Our programme advocates that education alongside the distribution of mosquito nets is the only sustainable method of ensuring that we are working towards malaria prevention in the Kabira area.


470 families and 3 schools are taking part in the programme

The program is now entirely led by local Ugandans. Nashiba Nabungye, Enoch Walagumbe, Margaret Walagumbe, and Kalema John work tirelessly on our malaria prevention programme. Kalema is a founding member of the Kaaso Empowerment Group which supports our programme and identifies families in the area who remain in need of mosquito nets. Our team monitors the programme throughout the year, and acts as point of support for repairing and replacing damaged nets.

Our holistic approach to malaria prevention includes health education in local schools. As part of our work in schools, our team appoints "malaria champions" to act as leaders for their peers in taking preventative measures like using mosquito nets.

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