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Share Uganda in

Northern Ireland

Share Uganda believes in empowering our youth through education and providing meaningful opportunities to get involved in making changes in the world. 

Educational outreach for schools and youth groups.

We are very excited to be offering different outreach options for our Northern Irish community. After developing and delivering a series of workshops in schools across Northern Ireland in 2019, we are now developing these in an online format. 


We want to give young people an insight into the world of social justice, volunteering, NGOs, fundraising and activism. We aim to offer meaningful opportunities to learn and develop these skills. 


Through close collaboration with schools and youth groups, we are happy to tailor specific packages and programmes that align with the Learning for Life and Work Curriculum, as well as programmes that positively contribute to young people's personal development. 

Thanks to funding from the Community Foundation of Northern Ireland and the Honourable Irish Society, these will remain free of charge of schools and youth groups. These educational packages can consist of in-person or virtual workshops, virtual resources, online lesson templates, organising fundraising events, skills courses, and more. 


Get in contact today about different collaboration options.

Podcasting for local and global audiences.


Share Uganda is always looking for new ways to engage with our audience and increase our outreach. We are passionate about what we do, and want to share our philosophies, the ideas that motivate our work, and insight into the challenging work our inspiring team in Uganda face everyday. This is why we have created a podcast as a new initiative to raise awareness about social justice and public health!

Tune into our podcast to hear some thoughts about the role of non-governmental organisations in our ever-changing world, and how we can all play our part in shaping the world that we live in. 


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